Jess is unique among horse professionals because she is dedicated to coaching equestrians as complete athletes.  Not only is she committed to training her horses, clients, and students in the sport, but she offers rider psychology assistance, wellness, and fitness coaching to maximize performance.   ​
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Health & Wellness Coaching

Total Rider:

A full athletic assessment of rider mental and physical fitness. Constructive gameplan to increase performance.

Rider Psych:

Athletic assessment of current rider psychology and performance. Exercises to overcome obstacles, enhance performance and approach.

Healthy Rider:

Physical assessment of rider fitness, nutrition and riding level. Creation of an 8 week program to balance horse and rider needs. 

Competition Strategy:

Rider Psychology Individual Sessions, including the mental coursewalk. 

Rider Psychology

Mental fatigue and attitude greatly affect performance in horse sports.  Rider psychology can help riders develop show strategies, overcome fears, sharpen mental focus and define learning styles.

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